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With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry Sophia Wyatt has an abundance of knowledge and expertise in her field. She is qualified in MicrobladingPermanent Makeup3D Areola and camouflage tattooingScalp MicropigmentationXtract™ Holistic Tattoo and Scar Removal alongside Plasma Fibroblasting Skin TighteningDermalux LED Phototherapy and Dermaplane Skin Rejuvenating treatments.

Working from a private home based treatment room in Guildford, Surrey with free street and off street parking, Sophia stocks a large selection of tools and products including Revitalash, Tweezernan, MicroBalm.

Sophia accepts all major credit cards including Amex and recommends Paypal Credit for those looking for flexible finance. All prices can be found on the relevant treatments page.

Consultations and treatments can be easily booked and managed online via the “BOOK NOW” button.

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About Sophia

Sophia WyattFollowing a 20 year career in TV and film hair & makeup styling Sophia has made a natural progression into the Semi-Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattooing industry. Originally training in Microblading, Sophia then trained with industry leader Karen Betts in Digital Semi-Permanent Makeup techniques and more recently working with world acclaimed Scalp Micropigmentation expert Ollie Hughes and the inspirational 3D Areola Reconstruction master Vicky Martin.


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Treatment room at rear of 37 Burden Way, Guildford, GU2 7RB

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Skin rejuvenation treatments

Many skin rejuvenating treatments are available that delay the signs of ageing by reducing pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance or sun damage, brightening dull lifeless skin by encouraging circulation back to the skin surface and inducing collagen and elastin production with plumps the skin which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Good quality cosmetics applied topically along with a healthy diet and lifestyle is always the best starting point but there are several treatments available in salon that boost and rejuvenate the skin.

The process of controlled micro-trauma to the skin in the form of Microneedling or Plasma Fibroblasting works by triggering the skins healing mode, by inflicting a minimal and controlled trauma to the surface layers of the skin, the body begins to rebuild new skin cells, producing more Collagen and Elastic and encourages blood flow back to the surface layers which feeds the skin the essential nutrients and moisture it needs for that healthy youthful glow.

How to treat hair loss

Hair loss effects many people for many reasons. hair loss can occur due to stress, shock or trauma. It can also be hereditary or due to hormone changes or imbalances. Sometimes hair loss is a side effect of medical treatment such as Chemo therapy or radio therapy. Hair loss effects both men and women and can effect any age group. Although hair loss isn’t a life threatening condition it does impact many people in many ways and can be the cause of depression, self esteem and anxiety. Although clinical conditions can be diagnosed by a Dermatologist or Trichologist medical treatments are limited, often have side effects and are never guaranteed.

There are many hair loss solutions available to disguise or camouflage loss of hair such as hair pieces, wigs and hair systems, there are also many hair loss products available such as vitamins, supplements or thickening shampoos and serums.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a form of tattooing, permanently implanting tiny dots onto the scalp to replicate hair follicles, which can give the appearance of shaved hair, or create a shadow on the scalp to camouflage the lighter skin through hair thinning. Scalp Micropigmentation can also camouflage scarring caused by hair transplant procedures.

Microneedling and Mesotherapy can help rejuvenate the scalp and trigger hair growth, by causing a controlled micro trauma to the scalp triggering the skins healing mode, by inflicting a minimal and controlled trauma to the surface layers of the skin, the body begins to rebuild new skin cells, producing more Collagen and Elastic and encourages blood flow back to the surface layers which feeds the skin the essential nutrients, hydration and feeds the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth. Microneedling has been found treat hair loss and hair thinning.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can enhance many areas of the body and also camouflage many imperfections. Scalp Micropigmentation is used to create shadows on the scalp to camouflage hair loss, Medical tattooing can be used to camouflage scars and conditions such as vitiligo and even reconstruct nipples following a Mastectomy. The most popular treatment is Lip Liner and Blush, Eyelash Enhancement and Liner and Eyebrow Enhancement and Microblading with huge variety of styles and techniques of Semi-Permanent makeup to choose from such as hair-stroke, powder, Ombre and a combination.

Every style and technique of Semi-Permanent makeup involves pigment being implanted in the skin and is a form of tattooing, the results vary from person to person, some skin will retain the pigment longer than others but traces of the pigment will remain permanently in the skin even if it can’t be seen, also slight scarring can occur over time.