Enhancing and Camouflaging

Permanent makeup can enhance many areas of the body and also camouflage many imperfections. Medical tattooing can be used to camouflage scars and conditions such as vitiligo, we can create shadows on the scalp to camouflage hair loss and even reconstruct nipples following a Mastectomy. The most popular treatment is Lip Enhancement, Eyelash Enhancement and Eyebrow Enhancement, with many styles of Permanent makeup to choose from such as hair stroke, powder, Ombre and a combination.

Every style and technique of Permanent makeup involves pigment being implanted in the skin, the results vary from person to person, some skin will retain the pigment longer than others but traces of the pigment will remain permanently in the skin even if it can’t be seen, also slight scarring can occur over time.

Long lasting results

Permanent makeup can last between 9 months up to 5 years, but the results depend on a number of factors, these include skin type, age, skin condition, medical conditions, medication and the general life style of the client. For instance, a young 22 year old with healthy, slightly oily skin who exercises regularly, enjoys beauty treatments and regularly applies various beauty products tend to find their treatment will fade quicker than that of a 65 year old, who has dry skin, who spends more time indoors out of the sun, rarely exercises and doesn’t use many beauty products.

Permanent makeup has recently become popular within the fashion and celebrity world, offering a long lasting solution to creating full, dramatic, perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, saving girls hours in front of the mirror each day, however more and more clients also turn to permanent makeup for more personal reasons, over plucking eyebrows is one of the most common, but many women experience permanent hair loss due to hormone changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Hair loss or Alopecia can also be caused due to stress or anxiety. Treatments for illnesses such as cancer often leave people with devastating hair loss and scarring so permanent makeup can often be a life changing treatment to so many people.

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