Client Spotlight – Gayle The Menovist

A year ago, I had what I now refer to, as my ‘menopausal meltdown’. I had no idea what was happening to me, physically, mentally and emotionally- it felt like overnight something had completely taken over my body and mind. My peri-menopausal symptoms became so severe, I ended up leaving a job and a successful career in teaching. However a year on, opening up discussion about menopause is now a mission for me and I consider myself to be something of a ‘Menovist’.

I am now a certified Menopause Mentor & Meno-Leader working closely with other women to help them to lead a happier, healthier menopause. My roles as a coach and fitness instructor enable me to share my my own personal experiences of the menopause to be able to offer individual and group support, education and exercise to many women, who would otherwise feel completely overwhelmed and alone during their menopausal journeys.

I decided to take the plunge to have my eyebrows enhanced after years of over plucking had left them thin and sparse. I blame the 90’s… After various attempts at pencilling them in, tinting and dying, it was time to go for a more permanent look. I’d been following Sophia online and seeing the brilliant results her clients were having with Microblading, so decided to go for it when she was looking for models for her latest treatment. I put my complete trust in Sophia, she advised me on treatment, colour and shape which I was thrilled with – no more 90’s brows! The digital brow treatment was straight forward, produced great results and Sophia’s after care management was spot on.

I love her straight talking, no nonsense attitude to her work and life in general. I really enjoyed visiting Sophia – not just for my treatment but having been friends since middle school and not seen each other since, it was a lovely opportunity to catch up and reminisce about school days – just like chatting to a friend.”


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