Client Spotlight – Gemma The Fit Mummy

If you could make a wish what would it be? To live a life almost pain free?

Hi my name is Gemma and I am an Osteopath and fitness freak most would say. I grew up surrounded by sport and fitness so naturally the human body was always going to be something I enjoyed learning about. I once visited a blind physiotherapist and thought “Wow! that’s what I want to do, use my hands to help people in pain.”

After 4 years at university studying Osteopathy i graduated in 2005

I often get told I have healing hands, and people tell me I am a good listener and easy to be around so I guess I have found my place in life. If I’m being honest I think making someone pain free and helping them understand and respect their bodies more is so rewarding it makes what I do worth raving about.

I love treating people post operative and post pregnancy as well as sports injuries as I have personal experience of all as well as general daily aches and pains due to poor posture

Having had two babies in the last 3 years I worked very hard at applying what I know about my body to get back into shape. I love sharing my expense and knowledge with patients and friends hoping my enthusiasm will help them also to achieve the same.

Don’t ignore your body’s warning signs when it’s telling you something isn’t right.

The word EMOTION – Take away the E Spells MOTION. Yes, you carry your emotion through motion so the mental and physical are linked.

Osteopathy and my own personal experiences allow me to help others.

I have always had eyebrow issues growing up, too much plucking and then I managed to cut open my brow which left me with a small patch with no hair.

Sophia came highly recommended and I kept seeing all her facebook and instagram posts and photos which made me think I needed to book in.

I’ve been really pleased and glad I had them done, I never have to worry about my brows now and I regularly go back to Sophia for LVL Lash Enhance and brow shaping too!”