Eyebrow Enhancement Tattoo

Permanent makeup / Microblading has increased in popularity in the west due to the dramatic improvement in training, techniques, tools and products offering a virtually pain free procedure that is low maintenance yet achieves long lasting, realistic, natural results.

Permanent makeup is also known as Microblading, Semi-Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo, the process of implanting pigment within the skin either by using a machine or hand tool such as a Microblade is still considered permanent.

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Microblading in recent years has taken the UK by storm, it is becoming one of the most popular brow treatments available. Microblading also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, originates from Korea and has dominated the beauty, spa and ‘brow’ movement in Asia for over ten years.

Microblading is a hand method of permanent makeup, using a pencil like hand tool instead of a machine. It is almost the same as using a flat ended (not a sharp ended) eyebrow pencil to draw the individual hairs onto the skin, hair by hair to create a natural look and not a hard, blocked eyebrow. The technique used is a feathering of hair like strokes creating a very natural effect. Microblading offers the most natural hair like strokes, it suits those who are looking for a very subtle brow shape, ideal for filling gaps, extending or completely replacing lost or over plucked brow hair and for those with very fair fine natural brow hairs.


Digital Hair Stroke Brows is a machine method of permanent makeup, the machine has a pen like hand tool that various sized and shaped needles can be attached to. The machine pushes the tiny needle in and out of the hand tool which is gently held against the skin enable the needle to inject pigment into the skin.

The main difference between digital hair stroke brows and Microblading is the way the pigment is placed into the skin; Microblading grazes channels into the skin whereas machine injects tiny dots of pigment into the skin. The pigment used in each treatment is the same as is the pre and aftercare advice.

Permanent makeup can last between 9 months up to 5 years, but the results depend on a number of factors, these include skin type, age, skin condition, medical conditions, medication and the general life style of the client.

Eyebrow Microblading




Consultation and scratch text £25
Non refundable deposit£90
Eyebow Treatment Stage 1£125
EyebrowTreatment Stage 2 £125
Total Cost of initial treatment £365
3-12 month Maintenance Colour Boost£145

(Price as of 1st June 2017)

Gift Vouchers are available

 How to Book

I insist on meeting every client for a consultation at least 48 hours before a treatment, this is so I can go through the treatment and understand what you’d like to achieve and ensure it will be suitable for you.

At the consultation I will need you to complete some forms to check Permanent Makeup will work for you, however the main things I need to ascertain are:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are in good general health
  • You are not taking regular medication (including vitamins, minerals, alternative therapies and homeopathic).
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

If any of the above applies to you please contact me so I can confirm if I am able to go ahead with the treatment.

To book a Consultation and Scratch Test click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Supporting Cancer Patients and Alopecia Sufferers

I volunteer for an amazing charity called Look Good Feel Better and try to help at their work shops at St Luke’s Cancer Unit at The Royal Surrey County Hospital. I whole heartedly support those battling against cancer and like to help in their quest to return to normal life during their treatment and recovery.

Supporting Cancer Patients and Alopecia Sufferers

I offer 20% discount off the full price of all Permanent Makeup treatments to anyone living with a medical condition or the effects of treatment for cancer, Alopecia or other medical conditions, birth defects or scarring that effect hair growth.

(A letter from a doctor or consultant may be required if treatment or medication is on going).