NHS Covid Pass

As you know I am fully committed to ensuring my clinic is a safe haven where you can relax and feel completely confident I am doing all I can to keep you safe; as a result, from the 1st December you will be required to show a COVID pass before all appointments.

NHS Covid Pass

Closures due to Covid restrictions have severely impacted my business, but more importantly due to my own medical history and that of my family and the majority of my clients who live with medical conditions, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure I do everything in my power to minimise risk.

You will be able to obtain your COVID pass via the NHS App or the NHS COVID Pass Service, I will be happy to accept both digital and paper versions. For more information on COVID passes please follow this link.

Prior to all your appointments please ensure you have read my Covid Protocol

A COVID pass can be obtained either via the NHS app or via the online NHS COVID Pass service if you’ve had:

  • A vaccine used in the UK
  • A negative PCR or Lateral Flow within 48 hours
  • A positive PCR within 180 days but after the 10 day isolation period (after a positive PCR test you will be automatically sent a code by the NHS which will allow you to generate your COVID pass)

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have the NHS App/Don’t have a mobile phone

Please either use the NHS Covid pass service to print a copy of the certificate or bring your named Vaccination card

I have not had the vaccine

Covid Pass can be obtained with a negative PCR or Lateral Flow Test within 48 hours of your appointment

Will you store my vaccination data?

No, I will not be recording vaccination or covid data

I no longer wish to visit will you refund me

Yes, I will refund your booking fee. Please allow 48 hours notice

What if I forget my Covid pass or my phone

I have lateral flow tests available, I will ask you to return to your car to test and return after 30 minutes testing period. This may impact your treatment time.