Price List

Permanent Makeup

ConsultationDepositInitial TreatmentColour Boost
Eyelash Enhancement (Liner)£25£75£175£145
Lip Enhancement£25£90£310£195
20% discount for those effected by a diagnosed medical condition that causes hair loss eg. Alopecia or Chemotherapy

3D Areola Tattoo

ConsultationDepositInitial TreatmentColour Boost
Lateral VMM 3D Areola Tattoo£free£100£250£200
Bi-Lateral VMM 3D Areola Tattoo£free£150£500£400
40% discount for self funded clients

Scalp Micropigmentation

ConsultationTreatment cost (Per hour)
Scalp Micropigmentation£25£180
20% discount for those effected by a diagnosed medical condition that causes hair loss eg. Alopecia or Chemotherapy

Plasma Fibroblasting Skin Tightening

Crows Feet £250
Upper Eyelid Lift £250
Lower Eyelid Tightening £200
Upper & Lower Eyelid lift   £430
Eyebrow lift  £300
Horizontal Nose Lines £150
Earlobe Rejuvenation  £150
Nasolabial Folds £250
Accordion Lines & Folds £200
Jowl/Jawline £500
Vertical Lines/Smokers lines £250
Smile Lines   £250
Lip Flip £200
Chin Lines    £250
Neck Tightening £350
Neck lift       £650
Hand rejuvenation  £400
Mummy Tummy £700
Tummy Button Lift £200
Overall Facial Resurfacing & Rejuvenation (5-8 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart)     £700
Skin tag removal  from £125
Stretch Mark reduction from £200

Xtract Holistic Tattoo Removal

Consultation & sensitivity £25
Removal session£160
Xtract Repair Serum£75
Xtract Heal£65

Treatment courses are available at discounted rates by

purchasing a voucher for the amount quoted


Single TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6
Microneedling Treatment£145£390£675
Targeted Body area/Stretch Mark Microneedling Treatment£120£320£565
Scalp Restoration£175£470£825

Targeted Mesotherapy Microneedling

Single TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6
Single treatment
Scalp Restoration Mesotherapy

Dermalux LED Phototherapy

Single TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6
Dermalux LED Session£30£80£140
Dermalux LED Add on to another treatment£20£54££95
Dermalux LED Home Hire (24 hour)£40£108£190

Cliniccare Targeted Facials

Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Classic Cliniccare Facial£40£190
Glow Brightening Facial £50£240
Pure Complexion Clearing Facial £50£240
Refresh & Rejuvenate Facial £50£240
NEW! Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy Facial £55£260


Single TreatmentCourse of 3
Illumi Facial £199£549
Illumi Facial with Deccolatage£299£799

IPL Laser Hair Reduction

Female Hair IPL Removal Treatments

Treatment Time
per Session
20% off
Course of 6
(After course

of 6)
Centre Brow or Earlobes15 mins£45£276£35
Upper Lip15 mins£55£254£45
Chin / Sides of face15 mins£70£336£60
Lip & Chin / Jawline & Chin / Neck30 mins£95£456£80
Jaw, Chin & Upper Lip30 mins£110£528£95
Full Face45 mins£145£696£115
Full Face & Front of Neck60mins£165£792£135
Fingers / Nipples / Navel / Toes15 mins£65£372£55
Hands / Feet15 mins£75£360£65
Underarm 15 mins£85£408£75
Bikini (standard) / Buttocks30 mins£95£456£80
Bikini (Brazilian) /Lower Arm /
Abdomen / Lower Back
30 mins£130£624£105
Bikini (full Hollywood) 45 mins£165£792£135
Full Arm / Lower Leg45 mins£180£864£160
Upper Leg45 mins£195£936£170
Upper Leg (Incl. Standard Bikini)60 mins£220£1056£190
Full Leg90 mins£275£1320£225
Full Leg & Bikini (Standard/Brazilian)1hr 45 mins£305£1464££250
Underarm & Bikini (standard)45 mins£140£672£120
Underarm & Bikini (Brazilian)45 mins£165£792£150
Underarm & Bikini (Hollywood)60 mins£210£1008£180
additional 20% discount for those effected by a diagnosed medical condition that causes hair gain eg. PCOS

Male (Transitioning) IPL Hair Removal Treatments

Face Approx.
Treatment Time
per Session
20% off
Course of 6
(After course

of 6)
Earlobes / Centre Brow15 mins£45£276£35
Upper Cheeks15 mins£65£312£55
Front / Back Neck15 mins£95£456£80
Front & Back Neck30 mins£130£624£105
Beard30 mins£140£672£120
Beard & Front Neck45 mins£165£792£150
Hands or Feet & Toes15 mins£75£360£60
Underarm15 mins£95£456£80
Buttocks30 mins£110£528£95
Lower Arm / Chest / Stomach30 mins£140£672£115
Full Arm / Full Back / Upper Arms & Shoulders60 mins£205£984£185
Chest & Stomack / Lower Leg60 mins£220£1056£190
Upper Leg/ Full Back (Incl. Shoulders not arms)75-90 mins£250£1200£200
Full Legs90 mins£385£1848£330
Additional 20% discount applied for 2 or more areas treated

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Facial Veins or Pigmentation RemovalApprox. Treatment Time£ Single
£Course of 3
(15% discount)
Single Lesion30 mins£75£195
Cheeks30 mins£100£255
Cheeks & Nose45 mins£150£380
Half Face45 mins£180£460
Full Face60 mins£200£510
Full Face & Neck75 mins£250£765
Chest only45 mins£180£460
Full Face, Neck & Chest90 mins£300£765
Hands30 mins£150£380
20% discount applies to 2 or more treatment areas booked
IPL Skin RejuvenationApprox. Treatment Time£ Single
£ Course of 6
(20% discount)
Half Face30 mins£135£648
Full Face45 mins£175£840
Full Face & Neck60 mins£200£960
Full Face Neck and Chest75 mins£250£1’200
Neck Only30 mins£125£600
Chest only45 mins£150£750
Hands30 mins£100££480
Additional 20% discount applies to 2 on more areas booked
IPL Acne TreatmentApprox. Treatment Time£ Single
£ Course of 6
(20% discount
Half Face30 mins£95£456
Full Face45 mins£150£720
Shoulders45 mins£150£720
Chest45 mins£150£720
Full Back60 mins£250£1’200
Additional 20% discount applied to 2 or more areas booked

Lash & Brow Treatments

LVL Lash Lift & Tint£45


For product pricing including Xtract repair serum and products from Revitalash, Tattoo Goo and Ultrasun amongst others, go to the shop page.