Reopening Update

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support throughout this difficult time for us all.

In line with the law, close contact services along with many other industries closed on Thursday 5th November, we have now been given the go ahead to reopen on 2nd December (although still await guidance from the local councils to confirm this).

All booked treatments have been placed on hold since 5th November, although still on my system, they have been set as “provisional” so no email or text reminders should have been sent. Now I have the all clear I am working through rescheduling appointments in date order, once I have done this you will receive a revised treatment date by email, if the date isn’t convenient for you please email Nicky who will offer you an alternative date and can add you to my waiting list to send you any dates as and when they become available.

I always send updates out via text and email but I’m aware a number of clients are not subscribed to my mailing list or may have opted out of receiving SMS updates, you can login to my booking system to manage your appointments and opt in to sms and mailing list. I aso post updates on my Facebook and Instagram, so hope I am managing to reach all my clients in some form or another.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you do have any questions and thank you again for your continued support throughout this time, I look forward to catching up with you soon!