Tier 4

Alas even I’m not an exception to the rules!
I’ve received a number of calls, messages and clients turning up for appointments.
I try to keep in touch with my clients in every way possible, I have suspended all appointments, sent out SMS alerts, emailed, posted on socials. PLEASE make sure you are subscribed to receive updates, I rarely send advertising emails so you won’t be inundated. I’ve updated my Google Business page and my website states TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Guildford is in Tier 4 so please follow the guidelines:

Stay at home.
Only leave home for essential travel, exercise or work if you can’t work from home.
All essential retail is CLOSED including all hair & Beauty

I appreciate there are some businesses and individuals who are ignoring the guidelines, but I will not risk my licence, insurance and professional integrity and more importantly I will not risk my health and my family’s.

As soon as we are lifted from Tier 4 I will be in touch with a new appointment date.