What Is LVL Lash Enhance?
LVL stands for Length, Volume & Lift. It’s a low maintenance, long lasting eyelash treatment for your natural lashes.  No glue, no uncomfortable extensions, no expensive in-fills and no need to wear mascara for up to 6 weeks!

Why People Love It?
LVL is a low-maintenance and long-lasting treatment. Clients love the fact that the treatment takes just 55 minutes, the results are immediately visible, plus their fabulous new look will last up to 6 weeks. Clients also find that LVL can be a more cost effective, lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions. While eyelash extensions are a great solution for many, there are a large number of people who prefer a natural alternative which still provides the ‘big lash look’! Until the development of LVL Lashes, the only treatments available for these people were unsatisfactory perming techniques.

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The Technology Behind The Treatment
LVL revolutionises antiquated perming techniques in a number of ways. LVL uses an innovative technique to gently lift and straighten the lashes, giving clients lashes that look thicker and more voluminous. It uses silicon shields, rather than rods, the shields are far more comfortable both for clients and their lashes. Another key difference is that our fabulous LVL gel formulation straightens the lash which in turn adds natural length, along with the high gloss, long lasting tint that ensure each lash can been seen from root to tip.

An ideal treatment for anyone preparing for a special occasion such as a wedding, this treatments means you don’t have to wear mascara so no risk of smudging in the ceremony or speeches! Fantastic if you are going on holiday, no more panda eyes around the pool or throughout the hot sticky evenings! A lifesaving treatment for all new and expectant Mums, lifting and brightening tired eyes and ideal for those early weeks when you don’t even manage a shower let alone time to put on your makeup!

Priced at just £60 you’ll wander how you coped before you found LVL Lash Enhance!

Care For Your LVL Lash Enhance
For the first 24 hours following your treatment:


  • Use a recommended eyelash serum daily (in stock)
  • Comb your lashes upwards


  • Wet or rub your lashes
  • Apply cream to your eyes
  • Apply mascara
  • Use a sauna or facial steamer
  • Swim

After 24 hours you are free to treat your lashes as normal, you can wear mascara if you want to enhance the lashes even more and you can even add lash extensions for the ultimate lash effect!

For The Best Results

You will usually need to have the Lash Enhance Treatment every 6 weeks.

Care for your lashes correctly following the guide above.

Sophia Wyatt
sophia wyatt

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