Preparation and Aftercare for your Dermalux LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy is a clinically proven and safe treatment without discomfort or downtime however for optimum results, we recommend that you read and follow the Dermalux Pre and Post treatment advice outlined below.

Pre-Treatment Recommendations

In preparation for your LED Phototherapy treatment, all makeup and skin care products including sunscreen should be removed to allow absorption of beneficial light into the skin. For optimum results, exfoliation prior to treatment helps to remove dead skin cells which may reflect the light. For enhanced results a topical serum may be applied.

It is not necessary to remove contact lenses during the LED treatment.

Post Treatment Advice following a Dermalux LED Phototherapy Treatment

Following your LED Phototherapy treatment, apply the recommended skin care products which should include an SPF protection (day time only). Your skin care consultant can give you guidance on suitability of your current skin care products during the consultation.

However if LED Phototherapy has been used in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures, specific aftercare advice should be followed.

Make-up can be applied immediately following LED Phototherapy. However, we recommend the use of mineral based or non-comedogenic formulations that allow the skin to breathe.

Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration levels and aid the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.

In the unlikely event that any adverse reaction occurs following treatment, please contact your skin care professional within 24 hours for advice.