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Semi Permanent PMU Eyebrow Treatments in Guildford, Woking, Weybridge and surrounding areas of Cobham, Leatherhead and Surrey

Sophia Wyatt offers a comprehensive choice of Semi-Permanent Eyebrow techniques that offer the most stunning results, whether you have natural brow hair or absolutely none at all!

Semi-Permanent makeup and Microblading has increased in popularity in the west due to the dramatic improvement in training, techniques, tools and products offering a virtually pain free procedure that is low maintenance yet achieves long lasting, realistic, natural results.

Semi-Permanent makeup is also known as Microblading, Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, the process of implanting pigment within the skin either by using a machine or hand tool such as a Microblade is still considered a tattoo.

Digital (Machine) Method

Digital method of semi-permanent makeup uses a machine very similar to a standard tattoo machine, it has a pen like hand tool and needles attach in various sizes and configurations which create different styles and results. The machine vibrates making a gentle buzzing noise, similar to an electric toothbrush and pushes the tiny needle in and out of the hand tool, gently held against the skin the needles accurately inject pigment into the skin in tiny dots. Lots of different styles can be created by using different needles and techniques, changing the speed of the machine and the hand stroke will change the amount of pigment that is implanted.

By opting for a tiny single needle, increasing the machine speed and working very slowly technicians can create individual hair strokes like manual Microbladed strokes, but by slowing the speed of the machine and using a faster “whipping” hand technique (similar to sketching a pencil drawing) will create a very soft powdery or ombré effect.

The digital method is a lot more exact, the technician can gauge their pressure and depth a lot easier than manual, the pigment is injected in tiny dots rather than channels that are cut so there is far less chance of scarring although scabbing is more common with powder styles. With skill the technician will add layers of pigment increasing the intensity of the style.

The pigment used in each technique is exactly the same as is the preparation and aftercare advice for each technique.

Semi-Permanent makeup can last between 9 months up to 5 years, but depends on a number of factors, these include skin type, age, skin condition, medical conditions, medication and the general life style of the client.


By far Sophia’s favourite technique! Sophia specialises in the beautiful soft, natural brows. For that super soft finish with no strong lines, no sharp edges just a soft dusting of pigment through the brow area. Invisibrow is a beautiful natural soft pixel effect adding definition and shape to the brows that soften down as it heals leaving that “just tinted” look to the brows. Far less trauma is caused, which means far quicker healing time.

Digital Hair-Strokes

Digital Hair-strokes and Microblading can be used to fill gaps or replace individual hairs, this technique is ideal for those who still want a very natural looking brow but may have sparse, fine hair, or who may have over plucked or lost their brow hair due to a medical condition, treatment or hormone changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Hair-strokes and Microblading is perfect for more mature clients who have found their brow hairs have turned wiry or brittle.
At first the hair-strokes look crisp and clear but once healed they soften looking more like soft pencil strokes, over time the strokes can merge together creating an uneven powdered effect, in time a powder technique can be used for colour boosts.

Powdered and Ombré Brows

Powdered and Ombré brows are perfect if you want a finish resembling the look of a soft makeup application. Adding definition the ‘power brow’ looks similar to the effect that eyebrow powder makeup products and pencils create. It’s the ideal look for those who regularly wear makeup and simply want a longer lasting, waterproof solution or to reduce their daily makeup application time. This style can be incredibly soft and subtle for those just wanting to give their natural brows a little boost or it can be built up to a stunning powerful fashion brow for those who want a more powerful exact brow shape.

The powder technique tends to be longer lasting and fades more evenly in the skin, the fresh result softens but generally retains unlike hair strokes which never retain their initial crisp strokes.

The Powdered Ombré is often the most effective technique to correct older permanent makeup that may have discoloured or if the shape needs adjusting.

Combination Brow

A combination of Hair Stroke and Powdered may be the best option for you, often this is the best option for those with oilier skin or who have had previous work that may need correcting or covering.


In recent years, Microblading has become a buzz word in the beauty industry, becoming one of the most popular brow treatments available. Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery, originates from Korea and has dominated the beauty, spa and ‘brow’ movement in Asia for many years.

Microblading is a hand method of permanent makeup, using a pencil like hand tool instead of a machine. It is almost the same as using a flat ended (not a sharp ended) eyebrow pencil to scratch individual hair strokes into the skin creating a natural look fluffy looking eyebrow.

There are some drawbacks with traditional Microblading, due to the “cutting” nature of the technique the skin can heal differently to digital machine method, Microblading is known to heal cooler (grey/blue) this can be due to the skin healing over each stroke, it can also be due to the stroke being too deep or scarring (if the technician has used too much pressure). Microblading often doesn’t last as long in the skin as digital methods. And also doesn’t work well for all types of skin and lifestyles such as oilier skin or those who partake in regular intensive sweaty exercise.

Good technicians should be trained and experienced in both digital machine and manual Microblading techniques, which allows them to recommend the perfect technique to suit you as an individual, your skin and your lifestyle. They could also offer a combination of the 2 techniques!

Check Before You Book!

It is important to check your technician is fully trained, insured and licenced with their local Environmental health for needling treatments, evidence of this should be displayed in their treatment room. All technicians should insist on meeting clients for a consultation to check medical history and background and to check skin condition. Skin sensitivity patch tests should always be performed at least 24 hours prior to treatments, consultation and consent forms should always be completed and photographs should always be taken pre and post treatment. Your technician should also go through all aftercare guidelines prior to treatment.


Invisibrow – 1 treatment followed by a 6 week review £395.00
Brow Review (6-8 weeks post treatment)

£ free

Colour Boost (12 months – 3 years post last treatment)  £195.00

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