Xtract treatment to remove tattoo

Xtract™ Non-laser, Holistic Tattoo Removal

Xtract™ is a non-laser, holistic tattoo removal process which works synergistically with the cells for the removal of ink and other toxins associated with the tattoo process. Due to its patent pending ingredients, Xtract™ is safe to use on all skin tones and effectively removes ink of all colours, including reds, carbon blacks and titanium dioxide, whilst preserving the integrity of the skin and hair follicle. It is the only removal method worldwide that can safely remove ink allergies.

Xtract™ products are a perfect combination of Science meets nature… Advanced patented ingredients with a holistic approach for removing ink and toxins from the cells, delivering the safest and most effective method for removing ink .

Xtract™ is the only method that can remove ink allergies. Xtract™ is a non-laser Holistic ink removal technology, that removes Ink, toxins and and scar tissue through its patent pending INK Chelation Technology™. Xtract™ also uses Patented Zinc Finger Technology for the after care to speed healing and repair the DNA of the cells.

How does Xtract™ work, is it different to saline removal?

Yes! Xtract™ is very different from saline tattoo removal.

Xtract™ removal is a 3-part process. Xtract™ activation serum uses 1,3 Beta Glucan to stimulate the macrophage cells to release tattoo ink. It does this by tricking the body into thinking there is a yeast invasion in the worked area. Not only does this let the stagnant macrophage cells release the ink, but it triggers more macrophage cells to come to the area and remove the ink. Xtract’™Withdrawal mask traps the ink at the surface of the skin removing 50% more ink than just the serum alone. It contains over 74 natural occurring minerals exhilarating the healing process and reducing localised inflammation by increasing local oxygen. It utilises Ink Chelation Technology™ to draw heavy metals, toxins and allergens to the surface of the skin through a binding of positive and negative ions. Xtract™ DNA Repair Serum contains patented Zinc Finger Technology which activates the body’s natural remodelling process. It utilises AC-11 which is clinically proven to improve DNA repair by 33%.

What are the advantages of using Xtract™?

  • Xtract™ works with the whole body for the removal of ink and toxins by stimulating an immune response
  • Xtract™ utilises AC-11 which is clinically proven to improve DNA repair by 33%
  • Xtract™ can be used on all skin tones
  • Xtract™ is safe to be used around the delicate eye area and through the body of the lip
  • Xtract™ is the only removal method to be able to safely remove ink from areas of allergic reaction
  • Xtract™ preserves the integrity of the skin and hair follicle
  • Xtract™ can remove all colours of ink, including Reds, Carbon Blacks and Titanium Dioxide

How it works

The Xtract™ procedure works with the cells of the skin to removee ink and other toxins with its advanced Ink Chelation Technology™.

STEP 1: The tattooed area is needled; this will start the lightening/removal process by breaking up scar tissue and prepare the skin to be introduced to the patent pending Xtract™ activation serum.

STEP 2: The needled area is saturated with the Xtract™ Activation Serum to stimulate a response within the skin for the lightening/removal of ink, foreign matter and scar tissue.

STEP 3: The Xtract™ Withdrawal Mask is applied creating a subtle electromagnetic field attracting to its surface many heavy metals and toxic substances. This mask will boost the healing process with it high mineral content, also increasing the oxygen levels to purify the wound.

FINAL STEP: The application of Xtract™ DNA Repair Serum 2-3 times per day for 21 days; this ensures the best results in ink lightening/removal and to prevent scarring and infection.

Additional treatments to the same area can be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart, treatments to separate areas can begin 3 weeks apart. The healing process following the treatment takes up to 21 days and the area must remain covered with a sealed, water resistant dressing like Tegaderm (see preparation and aftercare  until the skin has completely healed. It is then essential to wear spf 50 sun block on the treated area for at least 12 weeks after the treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation. I stock a range of products by ULTRASUN.


Results are really individual as the treatment works with your own DNA so it’s impossible to know how your body will react but most people need 3-6 sessions for complete removal of a body tattoo. Just one session is usually enough to lift out permanent makeup pigment before correctional work. Additional sessions should be booked no less than 6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal completely.


The total price of removal depends on the size, colours, position and age of the tattoo, also whether you want complete removal or just to lift pigment before correctional work.

The price per session (up to 3×3 inches) is £165

The Xtract™ Repair Serum is an additional £75 which will last you several sessions depending again on the size of the area. You’ll also need to buy Tegaderm film dressing.


I accept all major credit cards (including Amex) also cash and bank transfers. If you are considering finance options to cover the cost of the treatment Paypal offer 0% finance for 4 months on purchases over £99 with their Paypal Credit. https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-virtual-credit


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