Ultrasun Products Now In Stock

The suns effect on the skin is one of the things I am constantly talking to my clients about, whether I’m advising clients about how the sun can fade their permanent makeup or talking to them about how the sun affects their skin after Plasma skin tightening treatments, the sun (UV light) is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing but also more seriously it causes skin cancer.

This video is a shocking example of the invisible impact the sun has in our skin:

I always recommend all my client use a good quality SPF50 cream on a daily basis, and over the years I’ve tried and tested many products, Ultrasun I found are by far the best, so I’m thrilled they have asked me to be a stockist!


I have chosen to stock my 2 favourite Ultrasun products, the Anti-ageing tinted SPF50 which is perfect for those wanting to add a little colour

Ultrasun Face Fluid SPF50+ Tinted Honey


Ultrasun Face Brightening Anti-Spot, Anti-Pollution SPF50+

Anti-Pollution Face Fluid Spf50+

Our Anti-Pollution Face Fluid SPF50+ gives broad spectrum protection from UVA, UVB and Infrared-A rays as well as shielding from free radical in the atmosphere.






UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and are responsible for skin damage, such as ageing and skin cancer.

UVB rays only penetrate the outmost layer of the skin and are the cause of sunburn. SPF50+ is the highest level of protection that we offer.


Active ingredient complex Pollustop provides an additional barrier on the skin to protect from free radicals in the atmosphere.

Shields Infrared A-rays

IRA rays penetrate into the Dermis, where skin cells are formed and are linked with skin ageing and age spots.

Ultrasun Products are now available to buy on my website or in clinic