Correcting Old Microblading

I’m often asked to correct work done by other technicians, if the skin is over saturated with pigment, the technician has worked too deep or permanent pigment has been used the best option is removal either by laser or saline removal techniques. 


Tattoo removal can be painful, can take several sessions and be expensive so wherever I can I’ll always try to cover old pigment. 

Today’s client had Microblading over 2 years ago, the pigment had hardly faded but had turned blue, I used an orange based corrector pigment to try to counter the blue tone, then a warm medium brown over the top to give a more natural brown tone. 

Correctional work is always a risk and unpredictable as we have no idea how the two pigments will work together, most technicians refuse correctional work as the results aren’t often “perfect” but if I can I always try to help people. I’m hoping today’s session will at least warm the original pigment, once the skin is completely healed the tone will soften to a more natural mid-Ash brown, in a couple of months we can then have another session to even out the tone and rework the shape and create more  symmetry. 

My client was really happy with the colour correction today so once I’ve perfected her shape I’m sure she’ll be over the moon with her new brows! ?


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