How To Tackle “Mask Acne”

Face masks are everywhere and with them, the rise of an unfortunate side effect, known as mask-induced acne.  Sadly many people are finding their skin is beginning to suffer and this is due to the humidity with the weather and the moisture buildup caused by our breath in our face masks, sadly a warm and humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for germs!

Here’s a few tips to help prevent Mask Acne:

  • Throw away disposable masks preferably after every use but at least daily, and wash your fabric masks daily.
  • Line your face mask with a tissue each time you use it so the bacteria build up doesn’t touch your skin. I am thrilled to be able to offer a solution for you!
  • Double cleanse your face morning and night, and use a good quality hypoallergenic cleanser without harsh astringents, perfumes or other nasties.
  • Try to keep your skin clear, with little or no makeup.

Treatments for Mask Acne

I’m thrilled to be able to offer – in line with government social distancing guidelines my No Contact Dermalux LED and CLINICCARE Complexion-Clearing Facial to treat blemishes and help prevent skin problems from popping up. This facial, treated weekly alongside the Cliniccare Pure home care products, will help your skin feel hydrated, soothed and clearer.

ClinicCare Pure In-Salon Complexion Clearing Facial  
Concentrated Cleansing Foam
Instant Painless Peel
HYAL+Skin Toner
AHA+EGF Skin Booster
EGF Pure Mask
Lip & Eye Renewal Cream
Sun Shield SPF30   ClinicCare Pure Home Care  
Concentrated Cleansing Foam
X3M EGF Pure Liquid Moisturiser
Lip & Eye Renewal Cream
X3M EGF Pure Essence
X3M EGF Pure Serum
(evening only or can be applied instead of Essence)
Sun Shield SPF30
(day time only)
X3M Pure Pore Minimizer Face Mask
(once a week) Pack of 5

Cliniccare Home Care products can be ordered from my online shop and posted direct to you if you’re unable to come to me for a treatment

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