Living with Hair Loss – Claire Siobhans story

Claire Siobhan  is one of my lovely clients, she’s a young, stunning and very successful youtuber (online videos) along side her boyfriend Ali A, Claire jets around the world staying in amazing locations, she drives awesome cars and have bought a beautiful house together.

When I first met Claire I had no idea who she was, she came to me for help, she was quiet and so self conscious, I chatted to her about what she had problems with, she had baby fine hair, fine sparse brows and wore uncomfortable lash extensions.

She chose to come to me because I work a lot with clients recovering from Cancer treatments and living with hairloss conditions like Alopecia, she also knew I face my own struggles living life with a physical disability and use my own experience to help every day women feel better about themselves. 

Claire told me about her ongoing struggle with trichotillomania, I’ve met so many people who live with this condition, it’s a condition I’ve been aware of for over 25 years, since I trained in beauty, I think just as Claire says in her film the name itself just makes you stop and think “what on earth is that?!”. This condition is always on every beauty consultation form so I’ve spent my entire career explaining to clients what it means, although it’s only in the last few years of working in cosmetic tattooing that I’ve actually met people who live with the condition. I explained to Claire she is far from being alone, which I think really helped her. I told her all about my work with the Meningitis Now charity and also Kicks Count the Stillbirth charity I set up, both are based on amazingly successful awareness campaigns that have ultimately saved so many lives. I explained how speaking up about taboo subjects not only helps others but it really does help you to come to terms with life and to live with these issues positively.

I recommended a few products to Claire that could help, she loves Revitalash which conditions and helps grow Claire’s lashes, it even works while she still has her extensions and will condition her new lashes that are growing through, Revitalash Hair mousse conditions and helps scalp regrowth (although this wouldn’t stop her pulling her hair, it can help regrow it if she can eventually beat the habit). I tattooed Claire’s brows in a stunning ombré style. I also suggested a few websites she could research other hair replacement systems. Alopecia UK is a great charity to get support but they also have a really handy supplier directory which lists lots of companies who specialise in products and services to support those who are effected by hair loss.

I’m so proud of Claire as I know just how hard this process must have been for her to face and with so much online criticism about her looks it must have been terrifying for her to share, but her voice is a massive platform and this video really will help raise awareness not only of hair loss, anxiety and depression but also online bullying. 

This is such a powerful video I urge you all to watch and share it as I truly believe this will help so many people. 💖