Does Microblading Hurt?

Eyebrow MicrobladingWhen you contact me regarding Microblading I will always book an initial consultation so I can meet you and go through the treatment, I also get to see your eyebrows and we can discuss what we hope to achieve from the treatment. I will ask you to complete a consultation form, check your skin type, skin tone and check any previous medical history and any medication you may be taking (this is important as some drugs may change the way the treatment looks or lasts, worst case it could give you a nasty allergic reaction so it is paramount that you are completely honest). This is the best time for you to ask any questions you may have.

Is Microblading painful?”

As with everything, pain thresholds differ from person to person, I use a numbing cream to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, most of my clients describe the treatment as “weird” rather than painful, there is sometimes a scratching, crunching sensation as the blade grazes the skin, I think this is caused by the brow hairs rather than the skin itself. Clients have said the next day their brows feel sensitive, a little tender but none have mentioned any severe pain. It’s always best to follow the aftercare guidelines and use only the recommended products.

When you come for your initial consultation it’s best that you wear your makeup as you would normallyScratch test and bring along any brow pencils or makeup you currently use, so I can see what is normal for you. If you have a particular shape or style you’d like to achieve it is helpful to see photos.

If we are both happy to book the treatment I will perform a quick scratch test, which primarily is to check if you are allergic to any aspects of the treatment, not just the pigment but also the numbing creaming, sealer and aftercare cream. It’s also to check which colour pigment is best, I will blend the colours I plan to use to ensure we are happy with the results. The scratch test is a tiny scratch behind your ear so it isn’t obvious, and some dabs on the inside of your wrist.

I was amazed, Microblading didn’t hurt at all, in fact I find plucking my eyebrows more painful that Microblading them!”

At the treatment we run through your consultation form again and double check our aims, you then lay down on the couch and the treatment begins:

  • One of the most important (and my favourite) parts of a Microblading Brow Reconstruction is the brow mapping. During the mapping process I mark out the ideal brow shape for your face by accurately measuring and marking various points of the face.
  • I then outline the ideal brow shape with waterproof pencil, and the mapping marks are removed leaving just the outline templates.
  • A numbing cream is applied, which ensures the treatment is virtually pain free.
  • I then work within the pencilled outline filling any spaces to reconstruct the ideal brow shape, gently and accurately grazing the skin using the tiny needles, creating individual hairline strokes. The pigment is then applied which soaks into the hairline strokes creating the illusion of fine, natural brow hair.

Microblading Eyebrow Reconstruction usually takes around an hour and a half to two hours to  complete. Sometimes follow up treatments are required a couple of days after the initial treatment to perfect the shape. A top up treatment is then required 4 weeks later. The treatment should then last 12-18 months.

Before and After Microblading