Beyond The Call Of Duty

Preparations on a wedding morning can often be highly emotional and sometimes hectic, I often find myself doing far more than just the hair and makeup styling. I’m often the person to jump in and button or lace up the brides dress because the Bridesmaids nail extensions get in the way or Mum is too emotional, I find myself on my knees under the brides dress untwisting her petticoats and sometimes I’m even the person to lock up the house in the manic rush out of the door!

One particular wedding morning will always stick in my mind – the last hour before a Bride is due to leave for the ceremony is always a bit of a crazy rush, this morning was no different.

The bride was running a little late, we were all rushing around at the end, the brides Dad flew around the house locking all the doors and windows of the family home, he was a little flustered, everyone bundled into the wedding cars and off they went.

I took a deep breath, smiled and waved as they all drove away happy and excited. I turned to head off to my car but felt a nudge against my leg, I looked down and there by my side was “Bill” the family’s elderly dog, his big brown eyes looked up at me with a sad expression saying “I think they forgot me!”.

Dog at wedding

Poor old Bill, I noticed him a couple of times during the morning, everyone rushed around him, he was ushered to the garden, then on to his bed, he wondered around not really knowing who or what was going on. I couldn’t leave poor Bill stood there on the drive so I patted him on the head and said “Come on Bill”.

I walked around with him knocking on neighbours doors, luckily the 3rd house opened the door and the lady said “Oh hello Bill! They haven’t forgotten you have they? Come on in, we’ll look after you!” she even made me a much needed cup of tea! Relieved I said good bye to old Bill and I went back to the house, I popped a note through the door to let them know where they’d find old Bill and headed off home.

It was lovely morning at work yet again!