Client Spotlight – Sally, Life With Twins & Autism

I am the oldest Mum in the world and have had a real journey to have a family. I was two weeks off 47 when I had my twins, so believe me when I say not to give up hope if you have a realistic chance. I had always wanted a ‘family’ so even attended an adoption preparation course when I was single.

My twins are both Autistic and have ADHD diagnoses. Joel and Lucy are completely different children, so this has been an enormous learning curve for me where I questioned myself often but in my heart absolutely knew that I was right to keep fighting. I am an advocate for my children and all other families who are wondering why their child struggles so much.

Having spent so long concentrating on getting them an education and placement that fits their needs, a diagnosis for Lucy, and adapting to the changes whilst they are maturing I had forgotten about me.

I met Sophia through a work colleague and she has been a complete inspiration to me. I trust her implicitly and she has been a great practitioner and counsel. I cannot emphasise the power of what else, other than a great sense of self esteem and perfect treatments, you leave with after your appointment. It blows my mind every time.”