Open For Essential Medical Treatments

I have been given the go ahead today to reopen for essential treatments for those affected by a clinically diagnosed medical condition such as Alopecia or scaring and for those preparing for or recovering from Cancer treatments.

I do want to emphasise this is solely for those who deem their treatment to be essential, if or you have time limitations such as iminent cancer treatment that would prevent you from having this treatment in the future.

Treatments include:

My priority is and always has been the safety of both you my clients and myself and my family. I urge you to question whether you can justify your journey to me as an essential journey should you be stopped and are you able to supply me with written evidence of the medical condition should I myself be asked to show evidence, this would be in the form of a clinical diagnosis from a Doctor or medical professional.

I do however feel blessed to be in a position to be able to offer these life changing treatments to help people lead a normal life and I am aware of the impact the pandemic has had on peoples mental health due to being unable to have these treatments, so because of this I am willing to open.

Due to the risk we currently face with the transmission of Covid I will be very strict with my working practice. I will be limiting to 1 client per day to ensure I can completely clean down between clients and thoroughly air my treatment room. Please ensure you have read my guidelines and follow these protocols.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your treatment.