VMM® 3D Areola Tattoo

Sophia Wyatt is one of the first practitioners trained in the very latest VMM® 3D Areola Tattoo technique, combining artistic know-how and cutting-edge technique to create the illusion of 3D nipple and areola – Helping you feel like you again.

Alongside Mastectomy and post cancer treatments Sophia can also help with treatments following breast reduction or uplift surgery and pre/post gender reassignment surgery.


Areola reconstruction and repair through medical tattooing is a well-researched and highly-specialised service. Training with international industry leader Vicky Martin who has developed her skills over many years resulting in a treatment that is safe, effective and entirely tailored to your unique situation.

About the treatment

How long will it take?

An initial consultation is required to assure the treatment will be safe and will work for you, various forms and a medical questionnaire will be required. Areola tattooing then typically takes 2 sessions 6-8 weeks apart. Each session may take up to 3 hours. Camouflaging of breast scars generally takes 2-4 sessions and about an hour each session.

What happens during each treatment?

Sophia will chat through exactly what you’d like the end result to be. This will include looking at your current areola shape, size, placement and colourings. Sophia will then measure and mark the areola and nipple complex using temporary markers and perfectly blend pigment shades to match your skin. This is to make sure the correct style and colours are chosen and the finished result is as natural as possible.

Using specialist tattooing techniques Sophia will skilfully implant the specialist medical grade pigment into your skin creating a natural realistic 3D nipple and Areola.

Will it hurt?

Sophia’s priority is to ensure you are completely comfortable during your treatment. If you still have sensation following your surgery, numbing agents are applied and Sophia will continually check how you’re feeling. Most clients usually describe the discomfort as no more than 3 out of 10.

How will it feel afterwards?

Typically the area around your treatment may be slightly red for 36 hours and we apply a sterile dressing, which you wear under your clothes for up to 5 days.

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes – for all treatments full aftercare advice and complimentary aftercare products are included.

Additional products can also be purchased from Sophia’s Online shop.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Sophia.

Preparing for your treatment

  • Do not use sun bed or tanning products prior to your treatment to ensure your natural skin tone and your skin is not sensitive.
  • Medical tattoo procedures normally take multiple treatment sessions. Allowing 6-8 weeks healing time between treatments.
  • The colour intensity will be significantly sharper and sometimes darker immediately after the treatment. The colour will become softer and lighter by up to 40% as the skin heals.
  • A sensitivity test must be performed prior to the medical tattooing procedure.
  • Exfoliate the breast area 2 days. before your treatment date.
  • There may be swelling, bruising and redness immediately following the treatment and for up to 3 days after.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen or other know blood thinners at least 48 hours prior to and after each treatment.
  • Do NOT discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor or Oncologist.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, also garlic and oily fish for 48 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Infections can occur if you do not adhere to the aftercare instructions. You must keep the area clean and medicated during the healing period as per the aftercare instruction sheet that you will be given by your practitioner.
  • As with electrolysis and other tattoo procedures the National Blood Service does not accept donations of blood for 1 year after a tattoo procedure.

Before & After Images

Full Treatment Price


Initial Treatment

Lateral Areola (Price includes two treatments 6-12 weeks apart)£375
Bi-Lateral (Price includes two treatments 6-12 weeks apart)£695
* Price includes two treatment 6-12 weeks apart

Colour Boost

Lateral Colour Boost£245
Bi-Lateral Colour Boost£395
* Colour boost is a single treatment and only applies to my original work up to 2 years after treatment.
Minimum of 6 months post surgery.

Payment Options:

  • Self Funding – 40% Discount offered to all clients Self Funding & Crowd Funding for all those recovering from Breast Cancer
  • Private healthcare – AXA PPP will reimburse after full payment is made, .BUPA and Vitality Health – Please contact us before booking to claim through Medical Insurance.
  • Donation Days – Sophia tries to donate the first Monday of every month to those who aren’t able to fund their treatment. Please contact Sophia to be added to the waiting list for her Donation Days.
  • Sophia accepts all major credit and debit cards, BACS Bank transfer, cash and Paypal (subject to 4% Paypal charge).

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