Client Spotlight – Carolyn The “Senior Globetrotter”

Namaste! My name is Carolyn and I am incredibly touched that Sophia has asked me to share some of my life experiences.  Most of my friends call me a ‘Senior Globe Trotter’ and I’ll tell you for why…

At the age of 22 back in the early 70s, I made a BIG move which my friends and family at the time thought was mad.  I decided to leave my secure corporate job to travel 6 weeks by bus overland from London to Kathmandu & beyond for a further 4 months.  There was no Whatsapp, no internet or mobile phones…just the open road and a notepad! 

The memories and experiences  gave me the much needed push when I came to retirement. I suffer from SAD which manifested after a life long battle with depressive episodes mainly due to being trapped in a toxic relationship. So when retirement sprung, I decided to enrol myself at the University of Life & escape the  UK Winter months for 4/5 months in warmer climes. I haven’t looked back since… and have been doing this for the past 6 years. Why should the kids have all the fun?!

I usually spend a significant time in one place which allows me to get under the skin of the country and its people; I am not one for sitting on a beach all day. So far, I have visited India, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand; working alongside locals growing vegetables, educating children in local schools and helping with rescue animals.  Against this ethos, for obvious reasons,  this year I made a lifelong dream a reality with a discovery trip to Antarctica.  I have made lifelong friends from all walks of life. Keeping in touch and supporting some in their time need particularly during this lockdown has been very special for me. 

I’ll leave you with my words from an Instagram I posted just as I was leaving India 2 weeks early due to the imminent lock down:  “India, I will be back. A magical country with generous caring people that I casually call my second home but one that brings me more contentment than my Western lifestyle ever does.” 

An education that just keeps on giving… I hope I inspire just one of YOU to take that leap and join the University of Life whatever your age! 

I plucked away my eyebrows in my teens, a failed attempt to be in Vogue! During my training as a colour and Makeup consultant in the 80’s I learned the importance of framing the face with correct brow shape. After years of pencilling my brows and then it wearing off during the day I decided to book in with Sophia, who I found online. Leaving my hair to grow out naturally silver together with my stunning permanent brows I’m now in super low maintenance mode! Compliments of my brows say it all and they are a major benefit when travelling! “


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