The Power of BETA Glucan

Because of its moisturizing effects on the skin Hyaluronic acid has been such a buzz within the skincare world. But, Hyaluronic Acid is a water-retaining module and not a water generating module. Instead of retaining water, it actually grabs water from the surrounding environment and holds on to it so if there is no moisture to bind to, it is not very effective.

Studies have shown that Beta-Glucan is actually 20% more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid at the same concentration.

Beta-glucan is a powerful humectant, which means it not only provides intense hydration for the skin but it also helps to prevent moisture loss!

Unlike hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan forms a thin invisible film on the skin when applied which locks in moisture.

But wait!

It gets better… Beta-Glucan also holds on to water after it has penetrated deeply into the skin and so promotes suppleness and healing. So, unlike hyaluronic acid, Beta-glucan hydrates from inside out.

Not to mention 1,3 Beta Glucan stimulates the skin’s immune system which remodels scar tissue, enhances growth factor production and calms inflammation!


Beta Glucan is a key ingredient in Xtract products and can be used to treat many skin conditions such as pigmentation, healing and inflammation.

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